Tuesday, December 7, 2010



Today I am going to write about the mask we put on every day. We are born with some sort of natural traits that get developed and molded in human cast forms that are later on called 'Personalities'.All our lives we are taught to put on a mask and role play or be something else to somebody else for the sake of healthy communication and social interactions.

We are constantly trying to prove to our other halves,our parents ,our children and even our friends that we are there to please them,make them happy and try our level best to set a certain role.In this process we loose our selves trying to find out who we really are and what we like,dislike and appreciate about ourselves. The ''self " that makes us happy.

It takes years of pleasing everyone around us to find out what we want out of our lives and if right or wrong no longer becomes a valid option. It is a path we  accept and part take so we can breathe for others and battle our inner conflicts of severe role playing that has always been for others rather than  yourself.

At the ripe age of 48 , I still role play for my parents ,friends and my relationships. Do I wear a mask at times ? Honestly,I do. There are less than a handful of people that accept me for who I am and appreciate my shortcomings  as well as my qualities.This is extremely hard to do with everyone in our lives because we all have certain expectations on how we must behave and interact.At this stage of my life ,I'm working on finding my true identity and removing several masks. Certain masks can never be removed.  Human nature dictates that we must have certain values and roles that must be played in order to keep ourselves and others sane.

But often enough while we do this multi mask role playing ,we lose total control of our heart and end up with anxiety,boredom and depression and can no longer breathe.This feeling can last years!

In order to feel 'FREE' ,we must remove some of those masks that we've grown accustomed to wearing, simply because it's what we were taught.    Often enough we question ourselves whether something is wrong with ourselves.The answer I feel is NO,unless you  have been diagnosed by a medical doctor.

We have just convinced our minds not to be able to breathe and  can actually feel our inner spirit crying for help.It is like being related to a gold fish in a bowl with no water ,gasping for air. We suffer internally and continue to breathe without feeling the life we so much seek.

To  feel a certain freedom from our complex environment  we must  accept ourselves first and discover who we really are.We must let our internal walls down, understand the baggage we carry and feel every moment that surrounds us . We must dance if we want to, play if we need to, talk, laugh and love if we have to.There should be no barriers between you and the World you relate to. There is no right or wrong in the way you are.You are what you are.Let go of all inhibitions,communicate with your heart,feel every second you live and breathe with clarity.

Let people that love you, see that you are an individual  and you have your own identity.Talk to your loved ones, cry, show your frustration , express your inner thoughts. Only then you will begin to see your life as a clear picture of the mechanism that makes you a child of the universe.

And there is no question in my mind when you let go and remove the mask from time to time ,you will feel a certain freedom .

That freedom is called ' BREATHING '


Sunday, December 5, 2010


 NUDITY in art can be disturbing for so many people. There are many reasons for this and I believe its blamed on the way we are brought up based upon on our religious and cultural backgrounds.For me the naked body is the most beautiful thing we have.It is a form of art. The body, whether man ,woman, fat or thin can be a sensual canvas not expressing sexuality but liberation of art . I came from a cultural background where nudity was always shunned upon . In fact anything sensual at all. Yet my culture introduced me to one of the sexiest outfits in the world...the 'SAREE'.

 The 'Saree' shows a womans cleavage, stomach, the naval, arms , hands etc. and leaves very little left to the imagination . Is that sexual? Or is it sensual? Thats up to you to define..But because all the other parts are hidden, its considered the norm. On the other hand lets not forget that Roman ,Greek and even early times of Indian culture, nudity has always been there. The 'Indians' taught the world about the 'Kamasutra'.... and that has always been considered sacred art along with spirituality . So where does one draw the line on this subject of nudity?

There is a strong defining border between the art of nudity and sexuality. I absolutely agree on this particular issue , but nudity as an art form can be extremely beautiful whether it's in a sculpture or a painting. Have you ever looked at the famous works of Michelangelo ?? What about the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican ?.... It's a very spiritual and Religious House.

 I try in my paintings to show the body as being incredible ,whether it is a man or woman. To me there is no right or wrong in the body.We are all made with different body shapes that are seductive and perfect for ourselves and the people that we share our intimate lives with.When I start drawing I like to see fine lines, contours, curves and expression of the human soul.

 The real question lies within you. Do you see nudity as an art form or something else?

To me its all in the human mind!


Thursday, December 2, 2010


Life no doubt is a mystery. For some reason this enigma has always intrigued me and I have never understood where science comes in and where God steps out. The union of these two, and the conflict between the  two, have never quite been understood by mankind. When we look through the mirrors of religion...God appears.  Is this Super Power  what makes us ponder over issues such as health, kismet, fate, karma etc..??  Then there is the science aspect trying to explain why we are born, get sick, grow old and eventually die.

The God aspect is based much more on ' FAITH' (an illusion , fantasy or reality ? )  This drives us   to believe in hope, and makes us stronger as human beings. Only you  can embrace and relate to this faith. There is no doubt that the science aspect is based on facts and facts cannot be evaded, but understood like " black & white ".... with no shades of " gray " .  I believe at some point in our lives , its all up to the unknown that has strings on us like puppets, dictating to us like a story book, what is in our next chapter of life, which I call DESTINY! 

My painting above was done years ago...it's actually a sketch of my thoughts when my Mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. .In the sketch you can see minarets, and architecture from the East. The 'havelis' (open terraced houses) represents the heavy heart.Without opening the door to your soul , you see and understand nothing. This is an inner awakening that takes years of practise and discipline to accomplish.One must leave anger, resentment, and guilt in order to feel free.This freedom always comes with a price.....perhaps that's why in all religions we have Saints to help us understand. In the center of the sketch is a man meditating and finding the inner peace he so longs for. Behind him are roots and trees that symbolize growth , aging life and pain where the limbs grow in all directions and cannot be straightened out.

We have the Hindu God  'Lord Ganesh' (the removal of all obstacles). I could have painted any other God, but GANESH is special. All the different symbols represent something on him. I happen to love him because he insists that Man's ego must be destroyed in order to achieve a path filled with love.Then there is Leonardo's 'VITRUVIAN MAN' which symbolises art and science, man to nature and the perfection of geometric proportions.(God or Science created?)

The couple represents human beings where it started..relationships, lust, jealousy, greed, anger, love, devotion and loyalty.The cave drawing is where we first found art .Without an emotional crutch such as art ,we begin to fail as humans and lose all emotions and sensitivity. Art keeps us grounded and in touch with our softer side.

We have an angel or some sort of Godly figure above ,showing us that there is hope in life and to follow your karmic duties in order to achieve fulfillment.The butterfly represents change. Change for all of us is inevitable. Without change ,we would not exist. Everything changes. Relationships, friendships, jobs, houses ..the list is endless.Whether it's for the good or bad..... change is inevitable.

Lastly there is a famous zig zag pattern which is found in many countries around the world.The up and down lines symbolise life and the  permanent dots between them represent us.

In conclusion.......Life is a mystery and no matter what , losing a sense of reality happens to us all the time. Finding the key to happiness is locked in Pandora's box. Do we ever find it?

Does 'GOD' know the secret? Meanwhile science will continue to age us till death arrives knocking and the  cycle  which we call life begins all over  again!


Wednesday, December 1, 2010



Life is full of twists and turns. Somehow as kids we never felt it. As soon as responsibilities of life begin we get smacked in the face throwing every one of us off balance.

This inspired me to create 'EVERY DIRECTION' ..... the strange and abstract version of someone slip sliding away in every direction of life with her strange and twisted ways.
The colors are bright,which always makes me feel there is hope and the immense desire to live.There is no question, finding the right balance for the mind and body has always been a huge question mark in every one of our lives. We live in a rat race, striving for money, good health and relationships. But no matter what ....there will be plenty of times in our lives where we slip, fall, go out of balance and still end up landing on our feet , no matter what!
Like everything else.........As humans we will survive till the next journey waits and unfolds , regardless of any obstacles we may encounter!

As I always say.... Life goes on .....in every direction.....slip sliding away!

Monday, November 29, 2010



I have been extremely lucky as a child and as an adult to be able to travel to exotic places. Architecture has always intrigued me, from cathedrals in Europe to the minarets of the Middle East. This particular painting was inspired to me by the famous 'FAVELAS' of BRAZIL.It is painted in metallic colors and shows very simple detail in shades of blues,burgundies and gold.

A favela is basically a shanty town. When i was in Rio a few years back,the area of ROCHINHA  hosts about a quarter million people living on the hillsides of Rio with  homes that are made of inexpensive lumber and tin roof tops . There is a sense of compression to see these homes stacked on top of each other , with total lack of  space.Yet from a distance ,one can see a skyline of  absolutely absurd roof tops staring at you among the golden sunsets behind them.

These similarities of shanty homes can be found  in Africa and Asia.It never seizes to amaze me that while we live in the capitalistic West , we continuously ask for more and more.....yet millions of people around the world seem blessed  to have a 'TIN  ROOF' over their heads.

Their world is simple .....yet it seems ours is so complex.

Sunday, November 28, 2010


sanjaysarttitude: CREATIVITY IN MIXED MEDIA: " TEMPLE WALL PERSIAN LOVE Often times mixed media is used very loosely in describing a certain style of art. Basically mixed media is using..."




Often times mixed media is used very loosely in describing a certain style of art. Basically mixed media is using anything and everything on paper or canvas. It can be from thread to paper to loose paper clips. There is no right or wrong when it comes to mixed media.

I so happen to love highly structured paint and tend to use universal symbols like hearts,geometric and abstract formations with  certain alphabets of different languages. Pictured above you see two unusual paintings i have done.

The first one is called 'TEMPLE WALL' ...The overall painting is done with sharp contrasts of metallic colors such as gold,copper,and deep shades of gray. This painting was inspired by old indian temple walls .The writing is in hindi.....parts of it.On the left top side there is an abstract version of a person with his arm reaching out to the universe. The natural  cracks and colors are vital to this painting as it shows an antique look.

The second painting is called 'PERSIAN LOVE' ...This painting has sharp contrasts of copper,gold and metallic blue . The writing is part of the Farsi alphabet and the two figures represent a man and woman side by side  with a heart showing contrasts of color and emotion..The strong blue that I used represents the sky as love has no limits.

Monday, November 22, 2010


sanjaysarttitude: KILLER TURKEYS AND SANTA CLAUSES !: "OMG!!! THE HOLIDAYS ARE HERE! Finally it just slapped me in the face tonight. How in Gods name am I supposed to keep up with painting..."



Finally it just slapped me in the face tonight. How in Gods name am I supposed to keep up with painting ,drawing ,sketching  ,creating , selling and dealing with customers at the store during the busiest time of the year ?  NOT ONLY THAT.... but now that Thanksgiving is knocking on my door... I'm ready to have a  screaming nervous break down by inviting ten friends over. There is so much crap lying everywhere in my house, which obviously has not remained contained to the studio downstairs ...but has taken over the entire house like a huge suction cup!!

Paint brushes, splattered paint, pencils, paper pads, easels... everywhere... even in my bathroom. 
It has taken me five hours and four gin & tonics to hide  this gigantic heap of ART. No way am I having guests over for Thanksgiving only to make comments that my house is a  disaster and then comparing it to my personality. As it is... they all think I was dropped off on planet Earth by some alien spaceship.
I am one of these artists that's not quite right in the head...... Being  organized   has never been a strong forte of mine. NEVER!
In order for me to say I'm all geared up for this holiday ...   I  have  taken all my clutter and thrown it in every direction in several  closets.  The poor cats have lost their sleeping pads and are now surrounded by paint brushes,watercolors, oils and acrylics . No wonder both  my cats look like they're smothered with exotic colors ...... so now on top of everything else.... I HAVE TO BATHE MY CATS !!!!  I need this like I need a HOLE IN MY HEAD !!

All I can say is I'm praying to the Gods that no one opens any closet doors! But knowing my luck... that will  happen and karma is going to bite me on my ass.! It never fails.............. it always does!
As soon as Thanksgiving is over.... it'll be time to shop for a Christmas tree , lights, ornaments and basically the whole " KIT- N- KABOODLE " !

I feel like a  victim  surrounded by killer turkeys and Santa  Clauses ..........the holidays are here!

'HAPPY THANKSGIVING ' ..........enjoy your turkeys!


Sunday, November 21, 2010

sanjaysarttitude: PAINTING WITH COLOR

sanjaysarttitude: PAINTING WITH COLOR: "There is no such thing. Exaggerated body parts and undefined lines leave much to the imagination. a lot of famous artists were known for imp..."

sanjaysarttitude: DECIDING ON A THEME

sanjaysarttitude: DECIDING ON A THEME: "coming up with ideas is not easy. some days i love to paint nudes and other days i love to concentrate on the human expression. i n..."

sanjaysarttitude: COLOR MY WORLD !

sanjaysarttitude: COLOR MY WORLD !: "It's interesting that throughout time 'COLOR' has always played a major part in our lives.Without color, our lives would be absolutely ..."


It's interesting that throughout time 'COLOR' has always played a major part in our lives.
Without color, our lives would be absolutely boring. It appeals to our senses in every direction and makes us feel happy , spiritual or sad.
i tend to use allot of different colors in my art work yet its quite interesting that around my home and surroundings i happen to love earth colors such as terracotta,shades of brown,olives etc.but as a person i love to wear color.i am not your typical blue,black or gray kind of person.some of my favorite colors are red, shades of blue green,and lately for some odd reason i love shades of purple.
It is quite obvious that as we age our color sense changes and we tend to like certain colors more than others.
But then of course we also tend to also go with colors that match our skin tones,hair etc inspite of the fact they do not appeal to us emotionally but they look good on us as we try to make ourselves feel good and younger.
Color does play a huge part of our lives no doubt from clothes,to our homes and even to the foods we love to eat.

Here listed below are some colors that have certain meanings. This may explain why you are attracted to some of my paintings more than others.

all things intense and passionate

Joy, happiness, optimism, imagination, hope.

Peace, tranquility, calm, stability.

Energy, balance, warmth.

Nature, environment, healthy.

Royalty, spirituality, nobility, enlightenment.

Security, reliability, intelligence.

Earth, hearth, home,.

Reverence, purity, simplicity,peace.

Power, fear,mystery,evil.



China - symbol of celebration and luck.
India - color of purity.

Eastern cultures - signifies joy when combined with white.

Asia - sacred, imperial.
Western cultures - joy, happiness.

China - associated with immortality.

Hindus - the color of  lord Krishna/ heavens above.
Jews - holiness/the heavens
Middle East - protective color


France - nature
India -nature /grounding
Ireland - nature

Western cultures - royalty/spiritual growth/highest level of nirvana


Eastern cultures - mourning, death,purity,the soul

United States - purity (used in weddings).

Western cultures - mourning, death,sadness

Hindu - sacred color. (orangish ,yellow  color)represents the sun,provider of life


Saturday, November 20, 2010


coming up with ideas is not easy. some days i love to paint nudes and other days i love to concentrate on the human expression. i normally start off with a certain thought in my mind and start to draw very simple lines to begin with. as i draw the lines i let my imagination just flow and develop the painting as it comes along.there are many times when i draw... that the drawing just does not appeal to me and gets trashed into the bin.
and then there are certain drawings i begin with and just stare at them for a while and continue to add lines to the formation. i feel a certain movement going on and keep developing the painting.
because i am a gallery owner it gives me great satisfaction to understand what sells really well.  i have to create certain themes more often than i'd like to ... but honestly, it pays the electric bills!      

Friday, November 19, 2010


There is no such thing. Exaggerated body parts and undefined lines leave much to the imagination. a lot of famous artists were known for imperfect bodies as long as there was movement in the over all art piece