Sunday, November 28, 2010




Often times mixed media is used very loosely in describing a certain style of art. Basically mixed media is using anything and everything on paper or canvas. It can be from thread to paper to loose paper clips. There is no right or wrong when it comes to mixed media.

I so happen to love highly structured paint and tend to use universal symbols like hearts,geometric and abstract formations with  certain alphabets of different languages. Pictured above you see two unusual paintings i have done.

The first one is called 'TEMPLE WALL' ...The overall painting is done with sharp contrasts of metallic colors such as gold,copper,and deep shades of gray. This painting was inspired by old indian temple walls .The writing is in of it.On the left top side there is an abstract version of a person with his arm reaching out to the universe. The natural  cracks and colors are vital to this painting as it shows an antique look.

The second painting is called 'PERSIAN LOVE' ...This painting has sharp contrasts of copper,gold and metallic blue . The writing is part of the Farsi alphabet and the two figures represent a man and woman side by side  with a heart showing contrasts of color and emotion..The strong blue that I used represents the sky as love has no limits.


  1. I find your artwork inspirational. I love the deep meaning attached to each piece.

  2. Beautiful! Very meaningul art as the chick said before me. Love it!

  3. Thank you both very much. Your words continue to inspire me to paint like a mad man!

  4. Hey Sanjay! Loved your hilarious blog, but I promise you, no one is going to look at your "messy house;" you and Greg are too captivating!!!

  5. Oops!! My comments directly above are for the wrong blog--I meant the "killer Turkeys and Santas" one! Sanjay, your artwork here has the quality of "found" objects---ancient spiritual icons, like something discovered at an archeological site. The feeling is timeless, mysterious, archetypal...very moving. I especially love the writing on the paintings, and the textures....

  6. I love the heart imagery in your artwork. I have some signature pieces in my apartment and I can't wait to see more!