Saturday, November 20, 2010


coming up with ideas is not easy. some days i love to paint nudes and other days i love to concentrate on the human expression. i normally start off with a certain thought in my mind and start to draw very simple lines to begin with. as i draw the lines i let my imagination just flow and develop the painting as it comes along.there are many times when i draw... that the drawing just does not appeal to me and gets trashed into the bin.
and then there are certain drawings i begin with and just stare at them for a while and continue to add lines to the formation. i feel a certain movement going on and keep developing the painting.
because i am a gallery owner it gives me great satisfaction to understand what sells really well.  i have to create certain themes more often than i'd like to ... but honestly, it pays the electric bills!      

Friday, November 19, 2010


There is no such thing. Exaggerated body parts and undefined lines leave much to the imagination. a lot of famous artists were known for imperfect bodies as long as there was movement in the over all art piece