Wednesday, December 1, 2010



Life is full of twists and turns. Somehow as kids we never felt it. As soon as responsibilities of life begin we get smacked in the face throwing every one of us off balance.

This inspired me to create 'EVERY DIRECTION' ..... the strange and abstract version of someone slip sliding away in every direction of life with her strange and twisted ways.
The colors are bright,which always makes me feel there is hope and the immense desire to live.There is no question, finding the right balance for the mind and body has always been a huge question mark in every one of our lives. We live in a rat race, striving for money, good health and relationships. But no matter what ....there will be plenty of times in our lives where we slip, fall, go out of balance and still end up landing on our feet , no matter what!
Like everything else.........As humans we will survive till the next journey waits and unfolds , regardless of any obstacles we may encounter!

As I always say.... Life goes on every direction.....slip sliding away!


  1. OMG! What vibrant colors and a great painting/description! It totally makes sense out of no-sense! We had no sense of the ups and downs, slide-abouts, and stress that was ahead of us. As you say, we always seem to get back up when life smacks us down or causes us to slip slide away. The blue in your painting is SO POWERFUL! It totally out weighs the pitfalls of life! Not to discard the STRENGTH of the other colors even when falling down we are strong!

    Thank you for your post. It gets one thinking and stimulating the mind.

  2. WWWWOOOOOO, Love the description......this is really what life is all about but somehow we get through it much stronger and hopefully WISER.....

  3. thank you pamela and persian lili....
    both of you have a huge side of you that very few people know and relate too. its called an inner awakening. in order for us to open our third eye takes a huge amount of patience,understanding and realization.
    some of us try at some point in our lives to achieve that feeling,some never get it.
    thank you for your compliments and faith in my art!

  4. Thank you for noticing Sanjay...I feel as though I've taken the time to do some "soul searching" in my life due to some things that have happened in it. But also I feel deeply and therefore I tend to avoid certain things in life that most take part in, in order to not hurt so much. I know it's not right, but it's what I do. So maybe I haven't grown as much as I thought. LOL I did take the time to learn and my eyes have been opened for quite some time now (some forced, some sought after). I believe I'm more enlightened for it.

    You put so much of yourself in your art, I admire your talent. My "paintings" are trees that are ice blue or trees that have antlers instead of limbs...haha...but maybe my art is more about feeling the colors and moving the paint around with my fingers and with the brushes -- just expressing in the moment. Lots of COLORS! And so I bring it back to colors from your earlier blog! Ü That's what drew me to the paintings that I purchased from you ("Poire William" and "Midnight Mood") -- the colors and shapes. Tres Magnifique!