Thursday, December 2, 2010


Life no doubt is a mystery. For some reason this enigma has always intrigued me and I have never understood where science comes in and where God steps out. The union of these two, and the conflict between the  two, have never quite been understood by mankind. When we look through the mirrors of religion...God appears.  Is this Super Power  what makes us ponder over issues such as health, kismet, fate, karma etc..??  Then there is the science aspect trying to explain why we are born, get sick, grow old and eventually die.

The God aspect is based much more on ' FAITH' (an illusion , fantasy or reality ? )  This drives us   to believe in hope, and makes us stronger as human beings. Only you  can embrace and relate to this faith. There is no doubt that the science aspect is based on facts and facts cannot be evaded, but understood like " black & white ".... with no shades of " gray " .  I believe at some point in our lives , its all up to the unknown that has strings on us like puppets, dictating to us like a story book, what is in our next chapter of life, which I call DESTINY! 

My painting above was done years's actually a sketch of my thoughts when my Mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. .In the sketch you can see minarets, and architecture from the East. The 'havelis' (open terraced houses) represents the heavy heart.Without opening the door to your soul , you see and understand nothing. This is an inner awakening that takes years of practise and discipline to accomplish.One must leave anger, resentment, and guilt in order to feel free.This freedom always comes with a price.....perhaps that's why in all religions we have Saints to help us understand. In the center of the sketch is a man meditating and finding the inner peace he so longs for. Behind him are roots and trees that symbolize growth , aging life and pain where the limbs grow in all directions and cannot be straightened out.

We have the Hindu God  'Lord Ganesh' (the removal of all obstacles). I could have painted any other God, but GANESH is special. All the different symbols represent something on him. I happen to love him because he insists that Man's ego must be destroyed in order to achieve a path filled with love.Then there is Leonardo's 'VITRUVIAN MAN' which symbolises art and science, man to nature and the perfection of geometric proportions.(God or Science created?)

The couple represents human beings where it started..relationships, lust, jealousy, greed, anger, love, devotion and loyalty.The cave drawing is where we first found art .Without an emotional crutch such as art ,we begin to fail as humans and lose all emotions and sensitivity. Art keeps us grounded and in touch with our softer side.

We have an angel or some sort of Godly figure above ,showing us that there is hope in life and to follow your karmic duties in order to achieve fulfillment.The butterfly represents change. Change for all of us is inevitable. Without change ,we would not exist. Everything changes. Relationships, friendships, jobs, houses ..the list is endless.Whether it's for the good or bad..... change is inevitable.

Lastly there is a famous zig zag pattern which is found in many countries around the world.The up and down lines symbolise life and the  permanent dots between them represent us.

In conclusion.......Life is a mystery and no matter what , losing a sense of reality happens to us all the time. Finding the key to happiness is locked in Pandora's box. Do we ever find it?

Does 'GOD' know the secret? Meanwhile science will continue to age us till death arrives knocking and the  cycle  which we call life begins all over  again!


  1. That's pretty heavy stuff Sanjay ! Food for thought...... love the way you tied you're sketch into the "Meaning of Life " Keep up the good work.

    Love the blog

  2. I believe God knows everything. Science only keeps our human form going for as long as God wants it to. You put a lot out there Sanjay...this gal can't wrap her head around it all! xoxo

  3. THANXS FOR YOUR COMMENTS GUYS......sorry for getting too carried away.