Sunday, December 5, 2010


 NUDITY in art can be disturbing for so many people. There are many reasons for this and I believe its blamed on the way we are brought up based upon on our religious and cultural backgrounds.For me the naked body is the most beautiful thing we have.It is a form of art. The body, whether man ,woman, fat or thin can be a sensual canvas not expressing sexuality but liberation of art . I came from a cultural background where nudity was always shunned upon . In fact anything sensual at all. Yet my culture introduced me to one of the sexiest outfits in the world...the 'SAREE'.

 The 'Saree' shows a womans cleavage, stomach, the naval, arms , hands etc. and leaves very little left to the imagination . Is that sexual? Or is it sensual? Thats up to you to define..But because all the other parts are hidden, its considered the norm. On the other hand lets not forget that Roman ,Greek and even early times of Indian culture, nudity has always been there. The 'Indians' taught the world about the 'Kamasutra'.... and that has always been considered sacred art along with spirituality . So where does one draw the line on this subject of nudity?

There is a strong defining border between the art of nudity and sexuality. I absolutely agree on this particular issue , but nudity as an art form can be extremely beautiful whether it's in a sculpture or a painting. Have you ever looked at the famous works of Michelangelo ?? What about the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican ?.... It's a very spiritual and Religious House.

 I try in my paintings to show the body as being incredible ,whether it is a man or woman. To me there is no right or wrong in the body.We are all made with different body shapes that are seductive and perfect for ourselves and the people that we share our intimate lives with.When I start drawing I like to see fine lines, contours, curves and expression of the human soul.

 The real question lies within you. Do you see nudity as an art form or something else?

To me its all in the human mind!


  1. WWOOOWWWW, never fail to amaze me, love your nudes and the writing.

  2. Sanjay, I see pain in some of your nudes. Am I wrong? They are very interesting and thought-provoking. Sensual vs sexual? I think the spirit/essence of yours are more sensual than sexual. Sexual, anyone can do, but sensual...oh la la...

  3. thanxs.... lilipersia and pamela.
    glad my writing continues to surprise you both.

  4. Deep. I am still waiting for this Artist to do a self nude. He continues to intrigue me with his art. So I look forward to seeing his self expression of himself in one his nudes. Dazzle me Sanjay!

    .simple question?
    does size matter? i just want to know if i can dazzle you or not.

  6. Maybe the nude in his art collection (if you care to look at it Renee) called "Size Matters" is his self portrait? If so, WOO HOO!

  7. Pamela you are a smart woman!
    it is a self portrait!

  8. Why thank you kind sir. And very nice! ;o)