Monday, November 22, 2010



Finally it just slapped me in the face tonight. How in Gods name am I supposed to keep up with painting ,drawing ,sketching  ,creating , selling and dealing with customers at the store during the busiest time of the year ?  NOT ONLY THAT.... but now that Thanksgiving is knocking on my door... I'm ready to have a  screaming nervous break down by inviting ten friends over. There is so much crap lying everywhere in my house, which obviously has not remained contained to the studio downstairs ...but has taken over the entire house like a huge suction cup!!

Paint brushes, splattered paint, pencils, paper pads, easels... everywhere... even in my bathroom. 
It has taken me five hours and four gin & tonics to hide  this gigantic heap of ART. No way am I having guests over for Thanksgiving only to make comments that my house is a  disaster and then comparing it to my personality. As it is... they all think I was dropped off on planet Earth by some alien spaceship.
I am one of these artists that's not quite right in the head...... Being  organized   has never been a strong forte of mine. NEVER!
In order for me to say I'm all geared up for this holiday ...   I  have  taken all my clutter and thrown it in every direction in several  closets.  The poor cats have lost their sleeping pads and are now surrounded by paint brushes,watercolors, oils and acrylics . No wonder both  my cats look like they're smothered with exotic colors ...... so now on top of everything else.... I HAVE TO BATHE MY CATS !!!!  I need this like I need a HOLE IN MY HEAD !!

All I can say is I'm praying to the Gods that no one opens any closet doors! But knowing my luck... that will  happen and karma is going to bite me on my ass.! It never fails.............. it always does!
As soon as Thanksgiving is over.... it'll be time to shop for a Christmas tree , lights, ornaments and basically the whole " KIT- N- KABOODLE " !

I feel like a  victim  surrounded by killer turkeys and Santa  Clauses ..........the holidays are here!

'HAPPY THANKSGIVING ' ..........enjoy your turkeys!

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  1. I'm dying to know...did they open your closet doors and get an eye full?!!

    I thought you were going to say that your friends thought that you must have been dropped on your head as a child but then you said on earth from alien life. TOO FUNNY! You are crazy but in a good way! xoxo