Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I often wonder how many of us have the need or intense desire to express ourselves. Often in life we have empty hearts  where the  brush strokes of emotion and the desire to be felt gets totally lost due to life. Whether it is a relationship between two lovers,relatives or friends ,the need to express anger,hurt or love is a very complex feeling . Sometimes the need to tell someone how hurt you have been or how much you need to tell them you love them ,is so complicated. The so called 'NEED' can be so confused with simple words of being dramatic,over emotional and lack of maturity. We go through our lives in fear of expressing what needs to be done. The consequences can be quite extreme and can leave you even more empty than before, but then do we stop ourselves from expressing what we feel and live in these thoughts and feel the void forever? Unspoken words of having no expectation from the people you love can be extremely powerful and so can spoken words of hurt and anger. Either way the sword is sharp....
You have to make the clear choice and either live with the fear of losing someone forever or gain their love by beginning the relationship with a better understanding  of each others needs. No matter what... the words of the heart have their own  cruel language.


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