Tuesday, March 8, 2011


As  the saying goes 'ALL FIVE FINGERS ARE NOT THE SAME' . The more people  that are involved in a particular situation, the more  points of view. It's always hard to come to terms with these points of views. You say yes ... I say no. How in God's name do we come to a mutual agreement on a subject ? This takes allot of skill and wisdom from a third person who is looking at the problem objectively. Of course as much as we hate the word 'EMOTION' it just never ever leaves us. Humans have an emotional side to them regardless. We are built on this foundation and we try in our daily lives to omit this crazy 'THING' but we just can't. So when there is emotion ,there is bound to be different points of views. Do we often feel that our point of view is correct and the others not so correct? Yes.... this seems to be a situation for all of us at some time or the other. Sometimes these points of views never get resolved and we are left with a terrible void and we must take this as a choice we made. Trying to understand the other persons point of view on the same subject matter takes skill and patience. But then that's a whole lot harder than saying  'to hell with it' !


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  1. Beautiful piece of art Sanjay. It's as if she's raising her hands, full of emotions, up into the air to a higher power.