Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Love between a family pet is so intense! I don't know whether it's the innocence, lack of human language or the beauty of something exotic. 'DANTE' is my 20 pound Maine Coon cat and I simply love him. The devotion and unconditional love he gives me makes me want to fall in love with him everyday.  Each day it's more and more. Not only is he gorgeous to look at but seeing his exotic coat with the paint brush that God made, makes me bewildered. It's like a canvas that was created with such expertise that even 'Picasso 'would be  in awe. The sound of him deeply purring or the endless open /closed eyes gazing lovingly at me while laying in total freedom on his back  on my lap for hours makes my heart flutter. His love is not there all the time but when it is ,its extreme and a feeling that no human being can give. It is unconditional, expressive, devotional and respectful. Maybe as a creative artist I can relate to that intensity. It's a feeling that only you can experience if you have a 'DANTE' in your life.


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