Tuesday, March 8, 2011


There is always a time in life when one has to come to face to face with different issues. The issues we know are always on our own terms and one faces these issues entirely in our own thoughts,regardless of how many people are involved . It's not easy to face obstacles or deal with life's problems on your own, but then do we really have anyone holding our hand throughout these feelings? As much as we all wish we can rely on a support system... the bottom line is, that no matter what the conflict is, we have to face it alone and with great strength or sadness. The matter of the heart as we all know is not so easy to define. It has a mind of its own and when the inner  conflict arises  then the mind and heart don't see eye to eye. Anger and frustration tend to leave us blind with the simple task of facing the wrath of life. Face to Face is not easy. Dealing with death,loneliness,divorce,broken hearts,disease and human conflict are all heavy subjects. No one can understand what you are facing regardless of all the support and compassion ,until you come face to face alone.


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